What our customers are saying

Davina has been an incredible inspiration to me - as an instructor, a woman, and a human. I am grateful for her insightful approach to the practice of yoga and life. If you haven’t taken her class, make that happen! She is also a leader in the enhancement of teaching knowledge. Her mentor ship changed my view on teaching. The knowledge I have gained has been so amazing.- Raquel, Mentee 2018


Davina is an amazing teacher, who teaches from the Equanimity and passion place. She has an excellent sense of humor, you will laugh with her as you learn with and from her.- Patrica, Mentee 2018


To train with Davina and Carson was truly special. To do so at Flo was magical. I was able to find connection with friends (new and old), connection with my practice and connection with self. The knowledge that both Davina and Carson have is priceless. I am forever grateful for this experience. - Zack, Rocket Yoga Trainee 2019


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